Uni - rest for you

UNI is an innovation that transforms the nonproductive chairs or rows of benches into units that provide excellent revenue for the operator while meeting the needs of rest and increased comfort for the end users.

  • Improves the airport service levels and offering
  • Increased comfort – happy travellers
  • Makes terminal more tempting for passengers
  • Easy to use and maintain

Rest well and enjoy your free time ... or do some work.

Use fast internet

UNI – rest for you is provided with fast internetconnection. Contact your friends, check your emails or read some information about your travel destination. Inside the chair offers LED lightning, folding table and lockers for your smaller personal item.

Charge your batteries

Listen to music, work with your laptop or pad, read a magazine, sleep or just relax. And while you are resting you can use our power connectors to charge your devices.

Enjoy your privacy

Watch movies, read a book or just enjoy little bit of privacy before the flight. The sliding shade can be used for closing the personal space fully or partially. The sliding shade isolates the user of UNI chair well from the noise, crowds, lights and unwanted looks.

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