About us

GoSleep Pod is a Finnish innovation that has already spread to airports around the world, providing users with privacy and silence 24/7 in the midst of passenger traffic. It is a specially designed, stylish and sleek chair for tired passengers in need of rest, which can also convert into a bed. Hand luggage can be stored safely under the seat during use, and a moveable, breathing shade hides the passengers from the noise and the light of the airport and from the gaze of other passengers. GoSleep Pod provides a perfect place to rest among the hustle and bustle of the airport.

The chairs have USB and main chargers, so personal computers and cell phones can also be charged for your onward journey.

Our Mission

To enhance and optimize the wellness and wellbeing of each and every traveler by providing a unique and innovative rest and relaxation solution.

Euroopan unioni - Euroopan aluekehitysrahasto Vipuvoimaa EU:lta 2014-2020 Achievers 2017